Are you looking for a quiet, relaxing, beautiful, Caribbean, eco-friendly vacation destination? Saba might just be the one for you. Because of its largely unspoiled nature, it is now proudly known as “The unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean”, a name Saba, and its residents wear with pride. Let’s take a deep dive into the world of Saba and see more reasons why you should add Saba to your bucket list.

Saba is an oversea territory of The Netherlands. It was official incorporated into Netherlands in 2010. Together with Sint Eustatius and Bonaire, Saba is a public body of The Netherlands.

Saba measures 5sq miles in area, making it the smallest member of the special body of the Netherlands, but 5sq miles is packed with so much beauty. Lush, bright, evergreen vegetation cover its fertile volcanic soil. Its junoesque hills, covered in green, are perfect for hiking.

With a population of just about 2000 people, Saba has, literally, no crime. Futhermore, it has no crowds, no traffic lights, no casinos, no fast-food restaurants, no busy markets, and no beaches. “What a bummer!” you may say, but no, Saba has a lot more than it doesn’t have. Here are 5 things Saba has to offer, and reasons you should visit it.

1. Snorkeling

Snorkeling in Saba’s alluring waters is something you will never forget. Beauteous coral reefs cover the seabed. The waters are very clean and crystal clear, in fact, the entire area surrounding Saba is a National marine park, and it is protected. Also, Saba’s resplendent, blue waters are photogenic, and you can’t leave without taking some shots.

2. World Class Diving Sites

Take a deep dive into Saba’s underworld from one of its 30 dive sites. Saba dive sites have it all, dramatic drop-offs and walls, stunning sea mounts, plummeting pinnacles, and so much more. Also, you get to swim alongside turtles, fishes, sharks and more. To book your drivings, visit ;

3. Hiking

Because of Saba’s extreme typography, it is difficult and almost impossible to construct roads, but this is more of a blessing than a curse to Saba. Saba has lots of hiking trails to provide you with a fascinating experience and connection to mother nature. Take a hike on one of Saba’s trail and enjoy the magnificent beauty of its majestic hills. If you are a first timer hiker, you could start with shorter and less-strenous trails like the dancing place trail, but if you are a pro, and you want a mountain-like experience, you could go on hiking on the Mt. Scenery trail or the North Coast trail but, be sure to take a guide with you.

4. Dining

Most likely you will be hungry after hiking, snorkeling, or diving. Saba has got you covered with its fine local cuisine offered at its guest houses and several public restaurants. Brigadoon and Swinging Doors steak house are the most popular restaurants. You can also enjoy Mediterranean-influenced dishes at Brigadoon. Popular dishes include the infamous Calaloo soup, Breadfruit, curried goat, sour sop ice-cream and more.

Calaloo soup
Breadfruit meal
Soursop ice cream

5. Enjoy Saba beautiful art work.

You can take art lessons offered by the Saban renowned artist, Heleen Cornet. She was the President of Saba Foundation of arts and is an icon of Saban art. A visit to the Jo Bean glass art studio, and the Anne Keene studio will be most worthwhile.

Heleen Cornet’s artwork
Anne Keane tutoring youngsters.
Jo Bean glass art studio

Take a Drive along “The Road that couldn’t be built”.

You can take a drive along Saba’s only road. It is more like a giant sidewalk. Building the road was a very daunting task because of Saba’s extreme topography, but driving along the road is an even more daunting task. The road is filled with twisted turns and curves and at some point, it becomes almost impossible to navigate. Be very cautious if you want to attempt this daunting task.

Take a Walk across Saba’s four villages.

Your visit to Saba is incomplete until you take a refreshing walk around the Island’s four villages (The bottom, Windward side, Zion’s Hill and St. John). Because of the island’s small size, it is easy to walk around it. The streets and calm and quiet, giving you the opportunity to reflect as you enjoy the surrounding beauty. .

Windward side

Enjoy Saba’s Annual carnival during the month of July

If you visit Saba during the month of July, you will be opportune to witness its annual carnival. During the carnival, Saba becomes more lively than usual. You should plan your vacation during the month of July so, you can enjoy Saba’s carnival.

Saba is definitely the place for me. What about you?

For all information and inquiry about visiting Saba, please visit;


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