THE POLTERABEND_A German way of wishing Goodluck.

Weddings, how much I love them. All around the world today, there are different styles and traditional ways of getting married. While, Western styled marriages are popular around the globe, in some places, they are done with a pinch of local customs and traditions. One of such wedding traditions, today, is the Polterabend .

The ‘Polterabend’, meaning “eve of making a racket”, is a German wedding tradition in which, the night before the wedding, families, friends, and well-wishers of the bride and groom breaks porcelain dishes at the front of the house of the bride (or that of her parents) to wish them luck. Furthermore, stoneware, flowerpots, or ceramics such as tiles, sinks, and toilet bowls are also happily thrown items. Metal objects such as tin cans and bottle tops are brought along to the festivities.ย Glasses and mirrors are not broken, as they are said to bring bad luck. It is traditional believed that the more shards of broken porcelain, the better the luck the couple will experience in their marriage. The most beautiful part of the polterabend, is that, at the end, the bride and the groom work together to clean up the mess to symbolize how they will work together as a couple in the future through difficult times.

A bride and a groom working together to clean up the broken pieces of porcelain.

The Polterabend is a beautiful tradition. What traditions are associated with weddings in your locality? Please share in the comment section.


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