Utopia_for many years people have envisioned a perfect society free from troubles. Creative thinkers, Philosophers, Politicians and the rest have for long been seeking for a way to achieve the impossible _a Utopian government. One of the many attempts to achieve a Utopian society is Auroville.

Autoville is an experimental township in the Vilupparam district, Tamil Nadu State of India. It was founded in the year 1968 by Mirra Alfassa A.K.A, “The Mother”, and it was designed by Roger Anger.

The town’s name ‘Auroville’ is originated from the French language. ”Aurore” meaning ‘dawn’ and ‘ville’ meaning village or city. The town’s name literally translates to ‘city of dawn’. Furthermore, the town was named after Sri Auribindo, an Indian Philosopher, yogi, and spiritual reformer who believed ‘man is a transitional being’.

The main purpose of Auroville is to realize human unity with diversity. This has been the town’s vision since 1968, and the town has been trying to achieve that. In it’s inaugural ceremony on February 28th, 1968, 5000 people from 124 countries and all Indian states, were present with soil from their respective countries. This soil was poured into a giant lotus-shaped Urn as a symbol of human unity. This Urn is found in the center of Auroville and it is called “The Matrimandir”. It is a very important part of Auroville.

Auroville’s Townhall

Auroville currently measures 84 sq km in area. It was built and designed to eventually accommodate 50,000, but so far, the town has a population of less than 3000 people from 59 different nations. Most of the people there are Indians, other nationalities include French, Germans, Italians, Dutch, Americans, Russians, British, and 50 others. There are up to 5000 to 10,000 volunteers in Auroville, most of which are people who want to stay in Auroville. The average age in Auroville is 40 years.

Residential buildings in Auroville

There is no official religion, politics or currency in Auroville, and nobody owns properties in Auroville, because according to ‘The Mother’, Alfassa, “Auroville belongs to everyone”. Those who want to live in Auroville are given a one year trial, during which they must detach themselves from money, material possessions, politics, religion, and they must be a servant of Divine consciousness. Aurovillians are required to volunteer five hours a day to work and there is no fiscal transaction between Aurovillians. According to the Aurovillians ; “Work should not be a way to earn a living but rather to express oneself in a way that develops one’s capacities and serves the community. Auroville is however, not money less. Most of the residents live on their savings. The economy of Auroville is largely dependent on donations, and contributions from NGOs, guests and visitors, it’s citizens, the government, and the international community.


English and Tamil are the primary languages of Auroville. However, French is commonly spoken. The intake of drugs, Marijuana, and Tobacco is discouraged, however, one can consume them privately.

Auroville has a limited supply of basic amenities. Electricity is free for all, but water is not, and there’s a limited supply of it. Basic medical services are also free, and there are two ambulances to take you to Pondicherry for better medical care if the need be. There is no police, and there are no court rooms.


Auroville takes great pride in caring for its environment. Formerly a desert, Auroville is now home to 3,000,000 trees, all of these were planted by it’s citizens. As a further step to protect its trees and forests, Auroville makes use of handmade papers, that are made by the woman through traditional processes without cutting down a single tree. The roads in Auroville are made of dirt, and cars are not allowed to drive in Auroville, so as to preserve their clean, fresh, air, and ecosystem.


Sadly, peace and harmony is ebbing away from Auroville. It all started in 2021 when the Town’s Council decided to kick-start a project called “The Crown Project”. Because this Project involves the cutting of trees environmental consequences, the nature loving citizens of Auroville refused the proposal. The Town’s Council then went ahead to start off the project without the unanimous support of the people which resulted in a protest. However, some Aurovillians feel that the Crown Project is just what Auroville needs to bring the desired development. Some on the other part feeel otherwise. Hopefully, Peace and harmony will once again return to Auroville.

Hundreds of Aurovillians gather to protest against the felling of the trees
Two ladies embracing a tree so as to prevent it from being cut down

What do you think will happen to Auroville in the future?



      1. So many beautiful and ancient places. I would need six months to see everything I want to see. I was a soldier for 15 years. I roamed Central American. I saw the ancient places. It is cool to wander to places with great history. I would prefer away from the big cities.

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