At exactly 50 km south of the Tayma oasis in Saudi Arabia, sits an enormous rock that’s 20ft (6 meters) high. However, what makes this rock special and popular isn’t its size? What makes this rock unique and impressive, is that, the rock is perfectly cut into two parts at its middle. The cut is so smooth and precise that it looks like it was carved with a laser beam.

For many years, scientists and Geologists have wonder what caused this perfect cut in the 4000-year old rock. Many theories have arisen as a result of numerous research. Locals and visitors alike have also come up with their theories. Probably the most popular of all theories, is the theory that the rock was split into two halves by aliens. Thanks to the social media, this theory is becoming more and more popular. According to this theory, aliens came to the Tayma Oasis thousands of years ago and split the rock in halves using advanced technology not available to humans as at then.

Another popular theory is that, a joint within the rock may have split, causing the vertical separation of the rock. Others say, the rock sits on a fault line and it split into two as a result of shift in the tectonic plates.

Still others believe that the astonishing cut was done by the ancient people that once lived in Tayma. This ancient civilization carved images on this rock as petroglyph on the rock show. There is a possibility, too, that these people used their tools to divide the rock into two parts as an aesthetic expression. Probably, the cut was rugged at first, but has been weathered and polished by sand storms over thousands of years.

We may not know for sure what caused this rock to split in two, but we do know that nature had a hand in this. We can’t help but continue to marvel and wonder about the mysterious rock of Tayma, Saudi Arabia.

Petroglyph of a man leading his Arabian horse, carved on the rock.

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